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White Labs Yeast - 820 Oktoberfest

White Labs Yeast - 820 Oktoberfest


This yeast produces a very malty, bock like style. It does not finish as dry as WLP830. This yeast is much slower in the first generation than WLP830, so we encourage a larger starter to be used the first generation or schedule a longer lagering time.

Style Performance Listing

A listing of how this style ranks amongst different brew styles, on a scale from 0 to 4.

Style Rating Style Rating
German Style Pilsner 2 Bohemian Style Pilsner 4
Munchen Style Helles 4 European Style Pilsner 2
American Style Light Lager 2 American Style Lager 2
American Style Premium Lager 2 American Style Specialty Lager 2
Vienna Style Lager 2 Americn Style Amber Lager 2
German Style Marzen & Oktoberfest 4 European Style Dark & Munchner 4
American Style Dark Lager 2 German Style Schwarzbier 2
German Style Dopplebock 4 Bock 2


Feedback and experiences from previous customers. 


By: Roberto | Date: Jul., 18th 2016 | Beer(s) Brewed: Oktoberfest


I pitched this (with a yeast starter) 8 days ago into 5ish gallons. This yeast began active fermentation within 24 hours and hasn't stopped. The gravity has gone from .060 to .032 since I pitched it. The beer is still actively fermenting. This beer is my first lager so I am learning how lagers go at such a slower pace than ale yeast.

I'm also getting a sulfur smell (not taste) from the beer - which I guess is also normal of lagers. Hopefully this all isn't happening because I pitched too short. I'm going to tryout the quick lagering method on this. I'm almost at the second phase where I ramp up the temperature. Let's hope I get this into bottles within 4 weeks.

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