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White Labs Yeast - 650 Brett Brux

White Labs Yeast - 650 Brett Brux


Medium intensity Brett character. Classic strain used in secondary fermentation for Belgian style beers and lambics. One historic brewery in Belgium uses this strain in secondary fermentation and bottling to produce their characteristic flavor.


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By: cdj | Date: Dec., 3rd 2012 | Beer(s) Brewed: Belgian Golden Strong Ale


My OG for this Golden Strong was 1.088. WLP500 started strong but quit at about 1.022. I put 5 gallons in a keg and gave to many happy people who like them a bit sweet. To the second 5 gallons I added WLP 650 for 4 months and finished at 1.012. While I could be more patient I kegged this. Wonderful sun soaked sweet hay and horse stall aroma, still a beautiful but more complex off centered golden strong. Highly recommended. While I have used it in Orval clones, this is wonderful, I shall experiment more.

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