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White Labs Yeast - 570 Belgian Golden Ale

White Labs Yeast - 570 Belgian Golden Ale


From East Flanders, versatile yeast that can produce light Belgian ales to high gravity Belgian beers (12% ABV). A combination of fruitiness and phenolic characteristics dominate the flavor profile. Some sulfur is produced during fermentation, which will dissipate following the end of fermentation.

Style Performance Listing

A listing of how this style ranks amongst different brew styles, on a scale from 0 to 4.

Style Rating Style Rating
Dubbel 4 Trippel 2
Spiced Ales 2 Grand Cru 4
Other High Gravity 2 Christmas Beers 4
Specialty Beers 4 Saisons 2


Feedback and experiences from previous customers. 


By: Tom | Date: Oct., 15th 2015 | Beer(s) Brewed: Belgian strong blonde


I built up a 5L starter of this yeast. Pitched into 11 gals of 1.075 wort with lots of O2. Took off like a rocket!! Then slowed dramatically after 2 days and took its own sweet time to finish out after another 16-18 days even after ramping the temp to 82f. Seems to go on slowly bubbling indefinitely even after hitting final gravity. Great flavor and aroma. Nice balance of Belgian character. Not too clove like. Not super peppery like some. Has a pear/Apple character. Would use again.


By: Andy H | Date: Jan., 21st 2015 | Beer(s) Brewed: Golden Strong Ale


10.25# malt, 2# candi sugar rocks - 1.071 OG

Fermented really fervently for about 8 days (took about 48 hours to get started even with 1 qt. yeast starter). Fermentation lingered for until 19 days after pitched yeast.

Got 91.5% attenuation to 1.006 FG. Took a long time but the uncarbonated beer has a nice "belgian" quality to it along with some delightful fruity-tartness. Added an orange worth of orange zest (5 min left in boil), not sure if that contributed much or if it's the yeast.

In general, pretty happy with the yeast though i wish it would have fermented faster. this sort of comes with the territory of belgian yeasts though...

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