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White Labs Yeast - 004 Irish Ale

White Labs Yeast - 004 Irish Ale


This is the yeast from one of the oldest stout producing breweries in the world. It produces a slight hint of diacetyl, balanced by a light fruitiness and slight dry crispness. Great for Irish ales, stouts, porters, browns, reds and a very interesting pale ale.

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Chris White, president of White Labs, discusses the company's strains.

Style Performance Listing

A listing of how this style ranks amongst different brew styles, on a scale from 0 to 4.

Style Rating Style Rating
American Style Cream Ale 2 American Style Wheat Ale 2
Fruit Beer 2 Herbs & Spice Beer 2
Specialty Beers 2 Specialty Honey Ales 2
Smoke Flavored Beer 2 Golden Ale Canadian Style Ale 2
German Style Kolsch 2 Classic English Style Pale Ale 4
English Style India Pale Ale 4 American Style Pale Ale 2
American Style India Pale Ale 2 American Style Amber 2
English Style Bitter 4 English Style ESB 4
Scottish Style Ale 2 Irish Style Red Ale 4
English Style Brown Ale 2 American Style Brown Ale 2
German Style Brown and Dusseldorf Altbier 1 Robust Porter 4
Brown Porter 2 Classic Irish Style Dry Stout 4
Foreign Style Stout 2 Sweet Stout 4
Oatmeal Stout 4 English Old Ale English & American Strong Ale 4
Barley Wine Strong Ale 2 Strong Scotch Ale 2
Imperial Stout 2 Imperial IPA 2


Feedback and experiences from previous customers. 


By: James Mathieu | Date: Feb., 2nd 2016 | Beer(s) Brewed: Irish Red ale


Made a 1.5L starter from a recycled batch of this Irish ale yeast I harvested from a porter I brewed in December. Brewed a traditional Irish Red with an OG of 1.052, and and pitched around 70 degrees. Left outside on a cool San Diego night, and the next morning it was happily fermenting at around 62 degrees. After one more night outside, still strongly fermenting at 58 degrees. Brought inside and now maintaining temp of 64 degrees. Looking forward to seeing how this one turns out!



By: Tom J | Date: Jan., 19th 2016 | Beer(s) Brewed: Stout


Did a 1L starter of WLP004 (PurePitch) , put it on a stir plate for 48 hours. Pitched into a 1.049 Stout @ 70 degrees. 24 hours later, I have a monster on my hands. Probably over pitched, but whatever. Can't wait to taste it.



By: Dave Dr | Date: Jan., 4th 2015 | Beer(s) Brewed: irish brown, stout, pale ale


I don’t really like Irish and English yeasts as there are so many other styles I prefer but thought I’d give this one a try. I made a 2 quart starter with 1 cup light malt extract and pitched in 21 gallons of three different beers, as I do with all Whitelabs yeasts. I made: (1) Brown Ale, (2) blueberry stout (mashed 4 pints of just picked blueberries and added to wort just before cooling), and (3) Pale ale. The yeast performed as expected. The only thing I found unusual was in my secondary, a thin layer of white film collected on the surface. I scraped it off before bottling and all was well. I don’t think I’ll use this one again as the taste was a little bolder than I like. The best analogy I can use is that it was like a Maduro cigar – bold and strong. It had great head retention and color, starting gravities were 1.074-1.080 and ended at 1.008, but I like the German and IPA yeasts better. However, might be worth a try if looking for a heavy, bold, obviously Irish taste.

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