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Root Beer Stout Kit

Root Beer Stout Kit


Our brewers are on a never ending mission to produce exciting receipt kits that will get your imagination going. Dan has created this recipe that is a hearty stout with the aroma and finish of root beer. A great combination that has ranked in several competitions and continues to gain a huge following. Latest judging comments include: "Both flavor & aroma hit the mark with a less intense sweet stout character." "I really like this idea, the aroma of root beer is spot on."

  • We produce only 100% All Grain Brewing Kits. 90% of homebrewers agree, all-grain produces better beer hands down. Extract kits are a simple and fast way to make drinkable beer. Do you want "drinkable" or do you want a "work of art?"
  • Kit comes with all the ingredients you need for 5-gallon batch. Two Row, Crystal 60L
  • Belgian Chocolate, Roasted Barley, Black Patent, Flaked Oats, Centennial Hops
  • Willamette Hops, Lactose, Safale US04, Bottle Caps, Muslin Bag, Priming Sugar