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East Kent Golding Pellet Hops, 1 oz

East Kent Golding Pellet Hops, 1 oz


U.S. Golding hops variety owes its roots to the U.K. Golding variety which is actually a group of various varieties in originating from south eastern England. BC (British Columbia) Golding, which is no longer being produced, existed prior to the U.S. variation of this popular English Hop. Hopunion is responsible for its introduction to the north west U.S. in 1993.

U.S. Golding has very similar qualities as its English hops siblings. It has low alpha acid rating at 4.0%-6.0% making it a hops suitable for aroma additions in the wort. It is quite common to use U.S. Golding for subtle bitterness at the beginning of the boil, but its romantic aromatic characteristics are its strong suite to the finished beer. Even though it is grown in the U.S. this variety still etches a classic English style into the brew. Its bitterness is faint, while its aroma is pleasant and fragrant. Its essential oils are balanced, lacking only in farnesene oil. This balance brings a slightly fruity yet herbal quality to the aroma.

U.S. Golding is comparable to the English varieties in its yield...very low. This along with its small light fluffy cones and susceptibility to disease and fungus makes you wonder why farmers stick to this variety. It has an enchanted nostalgia in England due its history and use, and perhaps this is the reason that it continues to win over home & commercial brewers.

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