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Aktiv Brewery Cleaner 1lb

Aktiv Brewery Cleaner 1lb


Aktiv Brewery Cleaner (ABC) is a unique blend of ingredients, which, when combined in the perfect ratios creates a synergistic boost of oxygen output that leaves kettles, fermenters, togs, and all other brewing equipment squeaky clean without the residue left by other products. Formulated using proprietary German technology, ABC is not only safe for cleaning all types of surfaces, but is also sorer for the environment. ABC is also extremely effective at lower temperatures. It will dissolve completely in warm water (above 95 degrees) and at the same time still break down proteinaceous soils. ABC was designed for use with brewing equipment, but it ls also extremely effective at cleaning stained coffee cups; removing the "chalky.' film from drinking glasses

and plates; and removing carbon stains from stove tops, cast iron pans, and flat grills. Benefits:


  • Effective at lower water temperatures
  • Low-fume formula
  • Tolerates very hard water conditions
  • Leaves virtually no residue
  • Safe on skin
  • Excellent on metals*, plastics, and glass
  • Non-corrosive
  • EDTA & NTA-free
  • Though safe for cleaning all metals, it is not recommended to expose soft metals such as aluminum to extended soaking periods using this product.


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