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The 2023 Grape Harvest will begin in the next 2-3 weeks. 

Have you ever wanted to make your own wine? It's fast, easy and cheap. These high quality premium grapes from the Lodi region of California produce great wines. 

Pre-Order by Tuesday, Sept 5th @ 12noon.

Estimated delivery 2-4 weeks after order cut-off date.

De-stemmers & Presses available for a nominal use fee.
Local pickup only.



The Lodi Appellation is a federally designated American Viticulture Area recognized for the distinctive quality of its wines. Located directly east of San Francisco at the edge of the Sacramento River Delta, the Lodi appellation is noted for its classic Mediterranean climate and its distinctive sandy soils that provide the perfect environment for the production of world-class wines.

The federal government first approved the Lodi American Viticultural Area (AVA) in 1986, and over the past two decades the number of "Lodi" labeled wines has skyrocketed.

As the quality and recognition of Lodi wines spread, local winegrowers began to recognize the wide variety of ecological differences across the vastness of the Lodi AVA - differences that began to show in the wines emerging from their vineyards.

These winegrowers sought to create sub-appellations that better reflect the diversity of the land. Their efforts resulted in the most extensive historical and science-based document outlining the diversity in climate, soil, topography, and elevation of any appellation ever to be submitted for federal approval. Their research concluded that seven distinct growing areas exist and deserve recognition as individual appellations.


Wine Grapes & Juices

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