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Root Shoot Malt

Root Shoot Colorado Malts

Craft beer deserves craft malt, and it all begins with a great barley harvest. Malting barley has been part of our harvest for more than 40 years, originally growing for Coors and Budweiser. Now, Root Shoot Malting is here to provide an unmatched consistency and quality for your brewing ingredients. We offer an increasing selection of craft base malts including Pale, Vienna and Pilsner, to specialty malts such as Munich and Crystal. We also provide raw grains including corn and wheat, to give your beer and spirit exactly the flavor you desire.  

All of our grain is 100 percent Colorado malt. We planted, tended, harvested and malted all of our barley here on our family farm for brewers and distillers alike. Each and every bag is filled at our malt house with unparalleled care in the brewing and distilling industries.


Root Shoot Malt

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