Have you ever been standing around someplace thinking you'd really like a beer......

Have you ever been standing around someplace thinking you'd really like a beer......

...but the surroundings just aren't great for it? Then you need a LoLo Lid.

From Satori & Scout:

The temptation for a nice cold beverage on a sunny day is almost definitely very high.
Whilst in the UK it might be legal to carry alcohol in the city streets, many countries around the world has had such ideals made illegal. With much of USA wanting to always keep the party inside one’s homes or at a bar / club via state laws, for example, it can often be hard for those just wanting to have a refreshing drink as they saunter down their street on a hot day.

A solution fresh out of Canada is Lolo Lids. Invented after its designers were wanting a cold beer without being suspiciously approached, the design features a snap-on lid and large coffee cup. To the unsuspecting eye, the design is little more than a takeaway hot beverage, but is in fact a stealthy beer holder. As Lolo Lids explain, “…why pay £10 a beer at a show when you can start the concert early with a beer of your own.”

In addition to its stealthy benefits, with the beer suspended inside the cup, the internal layers of air insulates the inserted can ensuring the beer can remains cold in the summer and your hands warm in the winter. Likewise, the rim and spout of the coffee cup has been designed ergonomically to fit your mouth much better than a can does, and whilst it might feel odd at first to be tasting beer rather than coffee out of such a cup, the drinking experience is certainly nicer on the mouth. The designers are confident in that “…after trying a Lolo Lid you’ll never want to drink out of a can again.” 

Lolo Lids arrive with a disposable cup which can be re-used, however should you desire one of more commercial appearance, the all-important lid has been designed to fit almost all medium or large takeaway coffee cups, for example Starbucks’ Venti. The silicone gasket seals the top of the can to ensure that while consuming the liquid there are no leaks, whilst six mini holds clutch the can to ensure it doesn’t fall inside (in a moment of dance or sudden movement, perhaps). With all of the aforementioned along with a secondary breather hole in the lid to improve the can’s airflow.


Upon multiple live-testing of the lid, we can confirm that no unsuspecting eye once second glanced at our hot beverage.

If you have perhaps wondered why you couldn’t simply pour the beer into a disposable cup of similar appearance and do-away with a Lolo Lid, would the beer stay cold as long, will it taste solely of beer and will you be able to re-use the cup again? All are questions that have ‘negative’ as the answer and therefore Lolo Lids is more than worth a purchase. For socialable folk or those that simply enjoy beer on a hot summers day, you won’t feel embarrassed next time you’re in an alcohol-un-friendly zone area.

Of Kickstarter origin, the brand hit their target within 12 days of launching and after 30 days were 225% funded. With such positive support from around the world, and glowing reviews from all sorts of media, it is probably time for you to now “…sip on those suds.” 

Go incognito and purchase yours online here.

Update from the company:

"Unfortunately several weeks ago we got a cease and desist letter from Solo. What we had thought was a funny parody on an iconic design landed us in some hot water! We never meant any harm, we were just having fun!

So we listened. We are using the re-branding as an opportunity to perfect our lid design and bring more awesome products to life that we've been working on for a while."

This “speed bump” may have crushed the majority of entrepreneurial spirits but this closed window only opened a new door. The LoLo Lids team is back, now operating as Trinken, German for "drinking."

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