Free App Features Powerful Brewery Locator

The American Homebrewers Association, a division of the Brewers Association, recently launched a mobile application that aims to help beer lovers and amateur brewers find local breweries, redeem special offers and boost their brewing skills.

Available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices, the app is free to download and gives users a chance to start a 15-day trial membership in the American Homebrewers Association (AHA), granting access to exclusive content fromZymurgy magazine and discounts at more than a thousand breweries, craft beer bars and homebrew supply shops across the country.

Gary Glass, director of the AHA, said the Brew Guru app would be a boon to new and established craft breweries of all sizes.

“In addition to providing great resources and recipes to help homebrewers improve their beer, Brew Guru provides the very best and easiest to use craft brewery locator, drawing upon the Brewers Association’s comprehensive database,” Glass said. “Wherever you are, Brew Guru will guide you down the path to great beer.”

Using a Google Maps integration, the app provides a geotargeted look at nearby breweries, retailers and brewpubs, with businesses that offer AHA Member Deals highlighted in orange. Push notifications alert Brew Guru users to nearby deals.

The AHA Member Deals program, a 14-year-old program and a key pillar of Brew Guru’s feature set, provides members with discounts and special offers at more than 1,400 locations. In return, participating business enjoy increased brand exposure to the passionate and influential community of homebrewers.

Brew Guru™ app mapping feature

Using a Google Maps integration, the Brew Guru app provides a geotargeted look at nearby breweries, retailers and brewpubs, with businesses that offer AHA Member Deals highlighted in orange.

“Homebrewers love craft beer, so it’s no surprise that the AHA Member Deals program gets high marks from our membership,” said Steve Parr, assistant director of the AHA and manager of the deals program. “They love to talk about beer and they’re an influential bunch—and that’s where the real benefit to participating breweries and businesses comes in.”

Existing members of the AHA can enjoy Brew Guru’s full suite of features, which includes the AHA Member Deals locator, exclusive content from Zymurgy magazine and the AHA website, and a digital membership card.

Non-members can start a free 15-day trial without providing a credit card. At the end of their trial, they can continue to access unlocked content and use the brewery locator, but they won’t be able to redeem AHA Member Deals or open members-only content.

“We expect that Brew Guru will be an entry point for a lot of people who wouldn’t have otherwise considered joining the AHA,” said Glass. “Once they see the value in the great content from Zymurgy and, as well as the opportunities to save money on beer, food and supplies, we’re confident they’ll discover what our 46,000 members already know.”


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